Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tea Party Express on Sen Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

We've been telling you how important it is for we in the Tea Party movement to defeat one of the worst-offenders in Congress, who happens to be a RINO Republican: Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Above: Tender Moments... Hillary Clinton & Lisa Murkowski

How bad is Murkowski? Well yesterday we saw that the very liberal Huffington Post proudly boasted the following about Murkowski:

" temperament and ideology Lisa Murkowski is a center-right Democrat."

That's right, the Left is celebrating the fact that they have one of their own in the GOP. And they have her elected to the U.S. Senate. Well, friends, it's time for us to defeat Lisa Murkowski once and for all,. and replace her with the tea party favorite, Conservative Republican Joe Miller.

*Lisa Murkowski is so bad that she's supported amnesty for illegal aliens.

*Lisa Murkowski is a big believer in "climate change" propaganda and supported Cap & Trade.

*Lisa Murkowski supported Obama's stimulus package.

*She voted for the TARP bank bailouts.

*She's repeatedly supported taxpayer funding of abortion.

Here's a clue as to how bad Murkowski is - once ObamaCare was passed by Congress, there were immediate efforts by Conservatives to organize a push to defund or repeal ObamaCare.

What did Senator Murkowski do? She went on TV and said we shouldn't try to repeal ObamaCare. Watch her yourself:

Lisa Murkowski needs to be defeated. The Alaska GOP primary is August 24th and we have very little time to act if we are going to defeat Murkowski and elect her Conservative challenger, Joe Miller.

The way for us to win is to own the airwaves. We've got to be able to get our message out in TV and radio ads that run everyday through the August 24th election. That's the only way to defeat a powerful establishment/machine candidate. And with your help we're going to win.

You can contribute as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000. To contribute right now - JUST CLICK HERE.

We're looking for 500 people across America who can pitch in and make a contribution of $100 or more.

If you prefer you can mail in a contribution payable to "Tea Party Express" to our headquarters:
Tea Party Express
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814
Now let's go win this race! We've got a lot of work still left to do if we are truly going to change Congress in the 2010 elections.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday, December 26, 2009

FRC Statement on the Christmas Eve Passage of the Health Care 'Reform' Bill

This morning (12/24) the United State Senate voted 60-39 in favor of final passage of HR 3590, the so-called "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments:

"Today's Christmas Eve vote may signal the end of the debate in the Senate, but it's far from the end of the debate at large. Since Senator Reid's bad bill is substantially different from the House's bad bill, the lower chamber will have to vote on the plan again. The Senate bill's massive funding for elective abortions and the construction of abortion facilities are among the most radical differences. On Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted in an interview that the Senate health care bill will force 'everybody' in the exchange to pay an abortion premium. The so-called Nelson 'compromise' ensures that everyone will pay for abortion--no matter how the funds are divided up.

"According to a new Quinnipiac poll, Americans--by a huge three to one margin--are overwhelmingly opposed to using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. Seventy-two percent of the country is now firmly on the side of Congressman Bart Stupak's (D-Mich.) solution to ban the government's financial involvement in the deadly procedure. House and Senate conferees would do well to heed that warning when they come together to iron out their differences with the final bill, else this bill could collapse because of it.

"Disagreement over abortion funding is one of the many reasons this fight is far from over. Both House and Senate versions of the bill are seriously flawed. Both bills still allow rationing of health care for seniors, raise health costs for families, mandate that families purchase under threat of fines and penalties, offer counsel about assisted suicide in some states, do not offer broad conscience protections for health care workers and seek to insert the federal government into all aspects of citizen's lives. Additionally, the bills would place a crushing debt on both current and future generations."

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Jobs, No Housing, No Bull

This is my first post for AOL Real Estate. I am honored to be part of the new AOL.

But if this is AOL Real Estate, why then am I writing about jobs? Because employment growth is key to ending the real estate depression (yes, depression) we have all been suffering through for more than a year. The key to real estate recovery is more jobs, simple as that. And unfortunately, according to my friends who attended this week's White House Jobs Summit, we can expect little to no real help on jobs from the Obama Administration.

This White House event was a sham, a photo op meant solely to influence public opinion without actually doing anything, according to attendees. This can be seen, for example, in the coverage by USA Today, which proudly quoted statements by the President about what had been accomplished in the sessions, yet USA Today said their interview took place two hours before the event even started.

How could Obama know in advance what would be accomplished?

According to people who were there (and spoke to me anonymously because they want to be invited back) the President reportedly made no real connection with people in the room. He knew at least half of them personally, yet addressed them in the small space reading from a teleprompter. In the private breakout sessions he breezed through, Obama said there was no federal money to help jobs, not much anyway. That's hardly what he said in his public remarks, which were much more upbeat.

Which position is the truth?

Nobody I talked to from the meeting came away with a sense of optimism, that anything of substance had been accomplished or even set in motion. They felt used.

This doesn't bode well for a real housing recovery that can be sustained after the first-time home buyer tax credits finally expire next year.

And it may seem a small point, but why did the Administration invite all these leaders to meet for six hours (it was scheduled from 11:30-5:30 and ended on-time) yet offer them no breaks and nothing to eat or drink, not even a bottle of water? Attendees are treated better than that each weekend in the Avoiding Foreclosure seminars down at the Holiday Inn. Couldn't Obama have hired a couple of caterers?

That would have been two jobs down, 10 million to go.

By Robert X. Cringely
Dec 11th 2009 @ 10:00AM

Rec'd via email...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Number of Democrats in Nation Declines During March

In March, the number of Democrats in the nation fell two percentage points while the number of Republicans fell by half-a-point. Democrats continue to have a sizable advantage in terms of partisan identification, but the advantage is smaller than it’s been since December 2007...

Click here to read Rasmussen article

Interesting that more Democrats are unwilling to 'fess up to Party affiliation. I'm thinking the Republican half-point decline may be because more and more people are considering themselves Libertarian or trying to leave all government behind. Saw a headline yesterday where Newt Gingrich was talking about current events making third party alternative more attractive (only saw it in passing, didn't read the article).

I took a survey yesterday from the Republican National Committee. I took the opportunity to share my feelings about those in Washington. For the first time in my adult life since deciding I was a Republican, I'm willing to entertain the idea of moving outside the fold. Our Republicans in D.C. had better continue to move in the right direction or there's going to be a mass exodus to a third party.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heritage Foundation: Another $275 Billion Down the Drain

The House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill today that would round out the legislative authority necessary for President Barack Obama to institute his $275 billion mortgage bailout plan. Taken together the plans three main components (enabling some select borrowers to refinance their loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, enabling other select borrowers to modify their loans at the cost of taxpayers and lenders, and changing bankruptcy law to allow mortgage cram downs) will bailout the most irresponsible borrowers, raise the cost of borrowing for honest and prudent home buyers, and do nothing to stop the inevitable and necessary correction in housing prices.

Bailing Out the Most Irresponsible: Obama's mortgage bailout bestows new and costly benefits on those who took on more debt (including credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages) than they could handle. Worse, the value of the benefits vary in direct proportion to the degree borrowers were financially irresponsible. Borrowers with as high a debt service payment to income ration of 55% will be eligible for the taxpayer bailout.

Increasing Costs for Honest Borrowers: There are two ways Obama's mortgage bailout hurts honest home buyers. First, the portion of the plan that makes lenders responsible for half of all mortgage rate reductions will deter private sector investment in all but the best mortgages. Second, the mortgage cram down provisions would create additional risks for lenders who will be forced to compensate for that risk by making new mortgage rates more expensive for future home buyers. First time home buyers and those with moderate incomes would be hardest hit.

Failing to Stop the Housing Price Correction: Our current economic crisis was created by the inevitable popping of a housing bubble. Our financial system and economy will not recover until housing prices correct themselves. The sharp decline in housing prices is largely confined to just five states (Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, and Nevada). And the drop in housing prices in these localities is so steep that few borrowers will qualify for Obama's bailout. Hence home prices will only keep self-correcting. Also mortgage lenders are already at full capacity refinancing borrowers who do not need government aid. There is simply no way the existing industry has the capacity to refinance another 8 million homeowners in time to stop the market correction. Finally, the re-default rates on mortgages that have already undergone mortgage modifications suggest Obama's mortgage bailout will be, at best, just a temporary band-aid.

For over a year, first the Bush Administration and now the Obama Administration, have been throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at a problem that does not have a big, invasive, government solution. The road back to economic prosperity lies in an honest assessment of our future spending liabilities, cutting spending, and not raising the tax burden on the American entrepreneurs who have always been the true source of our economic growth.