Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tea Party Express on Sen Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

We've been telling you how important it is for we in the Tea Party movement to defeat one of the worst-offenders in Congress, who happens to be a RINO Republican: Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Above: Tender Moments... Hillary Clinton & Lisa Murkowski

How bad is Murkowski? Well yesterday we saw that the very liberal Huffington Post proudly boasted the following about Murkowski:

" temperament and ideology Lisa Murkowski is a center-right Democrat."

That's right, the Left is celebrating the fact that they have one of their own in the GOP. And they have her elected to the U.S. Senate. Well, friends, it's time for us to defeat Lisa Murkowski once and for all,. and replace her with the tea party favorite, Conservative Republican Joe Miller.

*Lisa Murkowski is so bad that she's supported amnesty for illegal aliens.

*Lisa Murkowski is a big believer in "climate change" propaganda and supported Cap & Trade.

*Lisa Murkowski supported Obama's stimulus package.

*She voted for the TARP bank bailouts.

*She's repeatedly supported taxpayer funding of abortion.

Here's a clue as to how bad Murkowski is - once ObamaCare was passed by Congress, there were immediate efforts by Conservatives to organize a push to defund or repeal ObamaCare.

What did Senator Murkowski do? She went on TV and said we shouldn't try to repeal ObamaCare. Watch her yourself:

Lisa Murkowski needs to be defeated. The Alaska GOP primary is August 24th and we have very little time to act if we are going to defeat Murkowski and elect her Conservative challenger, Joe Miller.

The way for us to win is to own the airwaves. We've got to be able to get our message out in TV and radio ads that run everyday through the August 24th election. That's the only way to defeat a powerful establishment/machine candidate. And with your help we're going to win.

You can contribute as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000. To contribute right now - JUST CLICK HERE.

We're looking for 500 people across America who can pitch in and make a contribution of $100 or more.

If you prefer you can mail in a contribution payable to "Tea Party Express" to our headquarters:
Tea Party Express
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814
Now let's go win this race! We've got a lot of work still left to do if we are truly going to change Congress in the 2010 elections.

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