Friday, January 9, 2009

Comedian Blacklisted

We all know that it's not the Republicans and conservatives trying to stop free speech. We all know that every effort is being made to shut down free speech by the current group in political power. From the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to the blacklisting of anyone who doesn't walk the walk and talk the talk in Hollywood, the Arts, the school system and other industries, the "progressives" show us they don't want free speech, they want drone speech. Our way or the highway as the saying goes.

Here's an interesting article from Big Hollywood that caught my attention. It highlights the problems those who aren't in lock-step have in Hollywood.

Blacklisted Again: Three Times Not The Charm
by Orson Bean
What is it with me? I seem to be an incorrigible black-listee.
Back in the fifties I was the hot, young comic on CBS and a regular on The Ed Sullivan Show. I was also starring in shows on Broadway and acting in dramatic programs on television. Those were the glory days of television. It was like theater. It was live. If an actor forgot a line, he improvised. There was an immediacy to it. Even mediocre programs had the excitement of being live

I was all over the place. A show called Broadway TV Theater put on plays five times a week, live — the same play, Monday through Friday at eight o’clock . Wonderful old chestnuts like Three Men on a Horse and The Cat and the Canary (I played the part that Bob Hope had originated).

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