Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's up with Anderson Cooper?

This is one of about five or six similar videos I saw on YouTube. Some in the commentary after the videos are saying this is doctored and is fake. They're not giving any proof, so who knows. If it's fake, it's funny. If it's real, it's something that would get most commentators fired. I don't have anything against him, although I've heard he's another one who gets chills when he thinks and talks about Obama. Quite truthfully, I never watch CNN so I don't know if he's good, bad or mediocre.

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  1. This is a bunch of moments from one of his shows this week after the Inauguration and his return to NYC - he stutters when he is tired and after covering the Inauguration all day Saturday through Tuesday in the wee hours of Wednesday morning he was definitely tired. Erica Hill mentioned him needing to get a lot of rest on the Friday show. I've seen some say he was drunk; but its just exhaustion.