Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama and his Congressional Children

There's a lot of info packed into this article by Murray and Kane in today's Washington Post:

Democratic Congress Shows Signs It Will Not Bow to Obama
By Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, January 11, 2009; Page A05
Even before taking office, President-elect Barack Obama has endured a baptism by friendly fire. Last week, an expanded and emboldened group of congressional Democrats greeted his tax proposals with disdain, dragged him into a political squabble over his Senate successor and chafed at key appointments to his administration.

I have a feeling the Editor had to cut some of it as it didn't quite flow for me, but then again, I haven't had my first cup of caffeine this morning so maybe my brain isn't jumping properly! There's a good chance what I write is going to jump in so many directions you'll need a pogo stick.

One thing that came through loud and clear to me when reading the article is that our Washington political "elite" sound like a bunch of immature children trying to be king of the Hill. "Obama better not ignore me." "You didn't tell me and now I'm mad and I'm not going to play."

Obama is trying to play nice and make everything go smoothly. He's the big brother, placating the youngsters, trying to get those selfish little kiddies to work together... and do what HE wants them to do. He wants harmony on the Hill. However, I can't see that happening for any length of time. While I likened our elected officials to children, they're more like children in the me-me-me stages on power steroids.

Washington is all about power. Congress wants to be the one in control. They say they want to get along, but what I hear when they're commenting and acting is they want the President to listen to them and do what they want. Like him or not, Obama doesn't appear to be a wimp by any means and it's not going to be long before he flexes his stuff and then the real squabbles will probably begin. Thus far he seems to be just going about his business despite all the distracting side shows that have cropped up.

I've been hearing two streams of thought from the Left since Obama won in November.

The Pelosi, Reid, Barney and friends faction has an agenda that doesn't seem to be meshing with the one that Obama is espousing by his choices and comments. He SEEMS to be trying to find the middle ground - at times. He SEEMS to be trying to be a bit more moderate in SOME areas than they'd like - at times. He's making some radical choices, too, so don't think I'm saying he's become a moderate by any means.

He SEEMS to have a calculated plan, one that is keeping everyone wondering. He's giving each faction something they can like...

I don't think any of us know exactly where he's headed yet and that's keeping many of the hounds at bay.

No matter where he's heading, his openly stated hope that everyone will play nice isn't going to happen. Unless he takes us in the direction many fear he's taking us... into some form of socialism. That's when Congress will have their wings clipped (ah, another early morning over-used metaphor... I have to go get some caffeine in my system!). Unfortunately, we'll all have ours clipped and America will no longer be America the free.

OK, OK, I'm going to get my first cup of the day... Read the Washington Post article if you haven't, it'll make mine look like grade school meanderings

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